Total insulation from the the other customers

If you are looking to get a more affordable solution to upgrade to a more effective web hosting service, our VPS hosting services are the solution you are looking for.

With HostingMedo - Business Limitless, you can be the master of your individual server and won’t need to split it with anyone. You will have an identical flexibility that you will have with a dedicated web server. With full root admission, you will be able to alter and change anything and also install almost any software of your choosing.

And, in case something happens with your files, we will restore the entire Virtual Private Server from a backup.

Total root and SSH access

Using a Virtual Private Server, you’ll get complete root access to your hosting environment and you can alter any adjustments on the web server and then to reboot it anytime you want.

This makes you free to deploy applications that generally can’t be mounted within a typical website hosting account. In addition, you can create your video sharing site, alternatively manage a media–loaded website with video converting capabilities.

And, in case you need further instructions managing your server, it is easy to make use of our Admin Services bundle, which includes every–week OS updates, software installation procedures, server rebooting, monitoring, trouble–shooting operations and many more.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting

The data center where the servers are co-located has an excellent peering network, including major backbone providers, such as Layer(3), NTT and nLayer, which are among the top network service providers. BGP is used for optimal route selection and automatic failover.

Different data center facility alternatives

We realize the Data Center Facility place is usually a key factor for the performance of your respective websites and we offer a number of locations for you – in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. All data centers give an excellent hosting atmosphere for one’s Virtual Private Server.

No matter which data center you pick, your VPS will have remarkable connectivity with the rest of the world due to a totally reliable network based on Juniper switches and routers.

Your resource–demanding websites will be in a risk–free data center and also a group of administrators is going to be watching the network onsite to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. The values as well as the options that come with the VPS Hosting Services are the same for all data centers, so that you should choose the location that’s closest to your target site visitors.

You’ll have more hosting resources than you have paid for

Due to an exclusive virtualization process, HostingMedo - Business Limitless’s VPS Hosting Services can provide much more than you have purchased.

Besides the memory allowance that the virtual private server is sold with, additionally, you will be able to benefit from the any RAM resources that remain unused on the same server at any moment. Because of this even when your VPS offers 1018 MB of RAM memory, it will be easy to apply the free RAM resources from the master server.

Thus, unlike with any type of shared hosting platform in which the various other users on a single machine may cause clog, which can result in outages for your websites, on a VPS the rest of the users could only give you advantage.