Debian is a Linux distribution, which is widely used for desktop machines, however it has been gaining in popularity as a server OS over the last couple of years too. It is really stable and safe, due to the fact that fixes are released within a couple of days after an issue is discovered. Debian has a large support community, so if you have any kind of questions or issues with the OS or with any of the 30,000+ packages it features, you can contact the developers straight away via electronic mail using special e-mail lists and receive a response in just 15-20 minutes. The Debian community provides the best level of support possible, because your questions will be handled by exactly the same people that made Debian in the first place, so they have an exhaustive knowledge of how their system functions. As the Operating System is 100% free to use and distribute, no license costs will be added to your hosting fees and you'll be able to change the code files and any additional software that you install without restrictions, so as to optimize the software environment for your Internet sites. In addition, Debian performs really well on any kind of hardware, because it's light and effective and doesn't require much memory.

Debian in VPS Hosting

There're a few Operating Systems that we provide with our VPS hosting services and Debian is among them, therefore if you need a server with this Operating System, you can acquire one in less than one hour. We also offer 32-bit and 64-bit releases of the OS to make sure that the VPS you'll have will completely cover the system requirements of any kind of web or offline app that you wish to install on the server. Controlling the content on the server can be done in two ways, based on the choice you make on the order page. Without a Control Panel, you will be able to do everything on your Debian-equipped server using Secure Shell, as you will have root-level access, whereas with the Hepsia Control Panel, the root access will have certain restrictions, but you'll be able to do everything from your web browser using a user-friendly web interface, even when you are not very experienced. Using the optional Managed Services package which we offer, we can also maintain your Debian OS updated every week, saving you time and effort.

Debian in Dedicated Web Hosting

You're able to choose the Debian Operating System for your new dedicated server with just a single click on our order page and according to your choice, we will install the 32-bit or the 64-bit release of the OS on your machine, so that the software that you will install later will work in the very best way. Choosing a server devoid of Control Panel, you'll receive Debian and the Apache web server software and you're able to control everything through a console. A server which is obtained with our Hepsia Control Panel will include all the software which you may need for your sites. Even though with the latter option the root access is limited, you will be able to manage the server as if it were a shared web hosting account, thus you can take advantage of a dedicated machine even if you don't have previous expertise in this type of web hosting service. When you purchase the Managed Services upgrade, we'll maintain your server and will update its OS on a weekly basis so as to make sure that you have the most recent and most safe release.